Automated customer journey

All about the automated customer journey.

Check in easily from your computer, your phone or directly at the airport!

Discover Facilipass

For a trip in all serenity,  choose Facilipass Corsair offers to check all your health documents before your flight.

  •  3 days before your departure, upon receipt of our email, submit your health documents on our digital platform.
  • Corsair checks all your documents for you. Upon validation, you will receive a QR Code to present to Corsair agents at the airport.
  • In addition to the assurance of having a complete file, this QR code will facilitate and accelerate each step of your journey at the airport

Other benefits

  • Choose your favorite seat. During the online check-in you will be given a free seat. If you wish to change the seat that has been allocated to you, you will have to pay for it at the normal rate.
  • Purchase the following services:
    • Theme or special meal (if you do not want the standard meal included in your ticket)
    • Priority check-in and baggage delivery with queue cutting at Orly on departure and arrival.
    • extra luggage or excess weight
  • Also check in for your return flight if it is scheduled within 72 hours;
  • A dedicated line for checking in your luggage upon arrival at the airport;
  • If you are traveling without hold baggage, to access directly to the boarding lounge (printed boarding pass or mobile boarding card required for the passage of security and police filters)

Hold luggage

We suggest that you drop off your baggage before the Check-in Deadline for your flight at the airport (lane identified).
Attention, the procedures for passing through security and immigration filters remain unchanged, you must present your access card whether it is in A4 format or via the screen of your cell phone.

Of course there are some restrictions related to particularities regarding the use of this service namely :

  • Unaccompanied children, 
  • Persons with reduced mobility, either temporarily or permanently.
  • Passengers travelling on Air Antilles.

In order to find out about security measures relating to cabin luggage, we invite you to consult our dedicated page.

To find out about security measures for hold baggage, please consult our dedicated page.

Contact us

From France

If you have any question, you can reach our Customer service everyday from 07am to 11pm (French time)

Please dial 3917 to contact our Customer Service
Fare from a landline


From abroad

Please dial +33 1 70 39 22 10 to contact our Customer Service
Service free of charge from a landline