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Set off from Lille and fly to the vibrant colors of the West Indies, Africa, North America, Reunion Island, Mauritius or Madagascar.  

Whether you're looking for rest and relaxation on extraordinary beaches, a taste and smell experience, the discovery of other customs or a sporting vacation, it's all possible from Lille. 

Book your flight from Lille with Corsair and embark on a journey of a thousand colors.

Train + Air service from Lille 

The Train + Air Corsair offer simplifies your organization so that your trip really is the start of your vacation : thanks to a partnership between SNCF and the Corsair airline, you can take advantage of a package that includes TGV transport from Lille to Massy TGV, a shuttle transfer from the station to Orly Sud airport and a flight with Corsair, with just one reservation and one ticket purchase.

Thanks to the Train + Air Service, start your journey to the most beautiful destinations in the West Indies, Africa, North America or the Indian Ocean right from the platform of Lille TGV station. Located just a stone's throw from Vieux-Lille and the famous Notre-Dame de la Treille cathedral, Lille Flandres station is already the place to travel : if you're not coming on foot or using your own vehicle, you can take advantage of the great intermodality that characterizes Lille Flandres station with the many bus, metro and streetcar lines that serve it.

After just over two hours on the train, you'll arrive at the Massy TGV station, where you can board the shuttle to Paris-Orly Sud airport. Don't forget to check in your luggage before your flight, and let yourself be carried along ! 

In fact, with just one ticket, you can rely on the organization of an entire team, with a single point of contact who will be able to adjust your trip if you have to deal with a setback such as a cancellation or delay. This offer even includes one night's hotel accommodation in the event of an incident causing you to miss your flight.

Time savings and fluidity are the real advantages of this Train + Air offer from Lille. So your vacation really begins the moment you close the door on your home !


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