In Economy class

Depending on your departure time and the duration of your trip, a standard meal and a snack or breakfast are served free of charge. On a flight of more than 4 hours, our onboard staff will serve you a hot meal, accompanied by soft drinks, a quarter of wine and/or a beer. All other alcoholic beverages are subject to a charge. 

Theme meals

A different and gourmet meal, to get away from it all even before landing for Economy Class passengers. Tariffs are per person and per trip.

  • Italian Menu (15 €) : dolce vita on board with authentic and traditional dishes.
  • Ocean Menu (15 €) : you knew the land/sea association, discover our air/sea proposals.
  • French cuisine Menu (20€) : the french cuisine in the spotlight.
  • Gourmet Menu (28€) : a refined meal, prepared and served in porcelain. 

Good to know

Themed menu is an optional service that is available on all our destinations, from/to Paris, for passengers in Economy Class
If you do not book a theme meal you will benefit from the free standard meal

"Prestige" menu 

Our Prestige Menu is available in our 3 travel classes :
A unique flight experience! A highly refined meal made up of lobster, among other things from Brittany, daurenki caviar and salmon from Petrossian.  Let yourself be truly seduced by this exceptional menu. This meal is served cold, and is only available from Orly
Prices 69 eur in Economy class

"Signatures" menu to brighten up your taste buds !

Our Signature Menus that will delight your taste buds are created by the Chefs, among others  Panagiotis Vounos (West Indies), Samuel Tetard (Reunion Island) and Michel De Matteis (Mauritius Island).They are now available in our 3 travel classes from some of our destinations. These meals are served cold (starter, main course, cheese and dessert).

From the West Indies, you will enjoy, among other things, fried shrimps and poached lobster with butter;
From Reunion Island, Chief Tetard offers you a carpaccio of scallops and rillettes of toothfish with lime; 
From Mauritius Island,  they are slices of smoked marlin and foie gras with avocado in combava and a poached lobster; 
From Montreal, you will enjoy a carpaccio of scallops and lobster on crispy vegetable lasagna with truffle !

Prices : In Economy class : 49€ (equivalents : 2000 MUR or 31500 XOF or  80 CAD or 60 USD)

Good to know

If you do not book a gourmet meal in the "Theme", "Prestige", "Signature" category, you will benefit from the free standard meal.

  • The Signature cold meal, prepared by Chefs Vounos, Têtard and De Mattéis, is available from Mauritius, Reunion Island, Fort-De-France, Pointe-a-Pitre and Montreal to Paris, on flights operated by Corsair. 
  • All meal orders must be made no later than 48 hours before departure and are only available on flights operated by Corsair.
  • Prices are per person and per trip.

Special Meals

To offer everyone the service of their choice, we also offer special meals. They are free of charge except for the vegetarian meal which costs 15€.
7 types of special meals: vegetarian*, diabetic, salt-free, kosher, Hindu, Muslim and gluten intolerant.
To benefit from it, simply select the meal you want when you book your ticket.
* paid meal

Good to know

If you do not book a special meal, you will benefit from the free standard meal.

For children

Your children (from 2 to 11 years old) enjoy a balanced menu, complete, easy to eat and composed of a hot meal adapted to the taste of the children, a cereal or dried fruit bar, a dairy and mineral water. The child's meal must be booked at the time of ticket purchase or at the latest 48 hours before flight departure.

For baby

A baby box* is given to parents accompanied by babies from 0 to 23 months (while stocks last), including a bottle of water, a bob, a blanket, a small salted pot and a small organic sweet pot.
* This box set does not serve as a baby meal. It is subject to availability and is subject to change without notice. 

In Premium class 

In Premium class, you can purchase :

The Prestige Menu which costs 59€ (or equivalent USD 70)
A Signature Menu which cost 39€ (equivalents : 1600 MUR or 25000 XOF or 60 CAD or 50 USD)

  • 2 different main courses of your choice included in the ticket (choice of meat or choice of pasta or fish).
    When booking at the "à la carte" step, choose between two hot dishes (choice of meat or choice of pasta/fish), they are decorated with hot bread and quality wines. You can also book your main course with our Customer Service.
    • Note : all meals must be booked at least 48 hours before departure.We also offer eight types of special meals: vegetarian, kosher, fish, diabetic, salt-free, Muslim, gluten-intolerant and Hindu. To order the menu that suits you, simply select the meal you want when you book your ticket (service offered).
      Attention: the meal "gluten intolerant" is not available from Abidjan.
  • Depending on the time of departure and the duration of your flight, several services are offered: lunch or dinner, snacks or breakfast.
  • Theme meals are not available in Premium class.

In Business class

You benefit from:

The Prestige menu which costs 55 eur (equivalent USD 65) in Business class


A Signature menus which cost 35€ (equivalents : 1400 MRU or 22000 XOF or 55 CAD or 45 USD)

  • 3 menus to choose from included in the ticket prepared by a Chef (starred chef for departures from Paris) and served on the plate in porcelain dishes decorated with perfectly selected wines.
    The choice of the 3 menus (choice of main course) can be booked online when you book, at our Customer Service or at your travel agency more than 48 hours before departure. Beyond this limit you will no longer be able to book your meal.
    Note: on board, only 2 choices will be offered. 
  • Special meals identical to the Premium class. They are also available free of charge by booking them up to 48 hours before departure.
    The choice of meal times.
    Depending on the time of departure and the duration of your flight, several services are offered: lunch or dinner, snacks or breakfast. 
    Theme meals are not available in Business class.


How to book?

  • At time of purchase your ticket;
  • From our Customer Service,
  • After you have purchase your ticket by connecting to "Manage my Booking" located on the top right of the Home page of Corsair website.

Manage my booking

  • At time of check-in opened 72h prior departure.

Online check-in

Important : meals must be booked and paid if needed no later than 48h prior departure.

Contact us

From France

If you have any question, you can reach our Customer service everyday from 07am to 11pm (French time)

*Fare from a landline

From abroad


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