Your safety onboard

Our instructions have only one goal: ensuring your safety. We thus ask you to please respect them.

Upon your arrival on board, store your baggage in compartments provided for this purpose or under your seat, so as to prevent any falls in the event of turbulence.

Upon your arrival on the aircraft, turn off your mobile phone, tablet and all your electronic devices. 
They can interfere with the navigation equipment; it is thus forbidden to turn on your mobile phone during the flight. It can, however, stay on in “flight” mode – with its reception turned off – during the cruise phase only.
Remember that the use of any portable electronic device is prohibited during the take-off and landing phases. If in doubt, ask permission from the airline staff before using them in flight.

We remind you that all our flights are non-smoking and it is strictly forbidden to smoke on board, even when the aircraft is on the ground, including in the toilet. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited on board. This decision, dated the 01 November 1998, has been taken to ensure the comfort and, above all, the safety of all, including your own.

Finally, it is not recommended that you consume alcohol just before boarding the airplane. The pressure difference increases the effects of alcohol on the body, such as intoxication, headaches, dizziness, etc. To ensure safety in the aircraft, the captain has the right to refuse to admit a drunken passenger on board.

If you have health problems, keep the medication that you might need to hand in the cabin while travelling, such as insulin, inhalers, etc. Click on the rules for transporting your medication for more information or contact us.

Some tips for your comfort

At altitude, feet tend to swell. To avoid heaviness in the legs and feet, especially on long-haul flights, remove or loosen your shoes and make frequent small movements.

  • Do not stay in the one position for too long, especially if you cross your legs.
  • While sitting, make some movements including rotations, flexions and extensions of your ankles.
  • Remember to get up regularly for a little stroll; this is enough to get your circulation going.
  • Remember to follow our audiovisual relaxation programme.

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If you have any question, you can reach our Customer service everyday from 07am to 11pm (French time)

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