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How many seats are there in Business class?


Made up of 12 seats, our Business class is located at the front of the Airbus A330s.

To offer you the well-being you wish for, our Lie flat seats are wide, ergonomic, and comfortable.  

  • The area dedicated to business customers is privatized in a cozy atmosphere.
  • The seat tilt is 160° and the space between two seats is 152 cm.
  • You can choose the seats that suit you best (aisle or window) while booking your ticket online, by clicking on the "Your reservations" tab located at the top right of the home page. from the Corsair website or from our reservation center.
  • Last but not least, special attention has been given to the cabin’s peace. 
  • The A330-300s are equipped with mood lighting, an innovative lighting system that diffuses light atmospheres simulating nightfall or sunrise according to the different phases of the flight.