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Cabin luggage allowance


What is the maximum weight allowed for cabin baggage?

In the Economy class
You are entitled to 1 piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 12 kg.

In premium and Business classes: 
You are entitled to 1 piece of baggage with a maximum weight of 18 kg.
If your trip is to a Caribbean island which is operated by Air Antilles, the cabin baggage franchise is 12 kg from beginning to the end (for example from Paris to Saint-Barthelemy). 

Cabin baggage dimensions
Regardless of your traveling class, your luggage cannot exceed the following dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 (Height + Length + width), i.e., 115 cm maximum + 1 accessory (handbag, laptop, briefcase, coat.  ..)
To note:
In our 3 travel classes, children under the age of 2 on the date of travel and who do not occupy a seat, do not have cabin baggage included in their price. Their personal effects must be included in the cabin baggage of the accompanying adult.

Transporting a Bed Box :
Since January 15, 2020, transporting a Bed Box is no longer authorized on all of our destinations.

The Mac Book PRO 15''
Given the risk of fire related to the overheating of these devices, transporting MACBOOK PRO 15 '' laptops is strictly forbidden in the baggage hold, but remains authorized in cabin baggage.
While on board, using and recharging these devices are strictly forbidden throughout the flight.
If you were to exceed the permitted weight
If your cabin baggage exceeds the authorized weight and dimensions, we will be required to:
- ask you to pay an additional charge, payable by credit card only, at the cost of the additional baggage.
- ask you to leave your baggage at the baggage disputes service in the event of payment refusal.
- disembark you, in the event of refusal to pay and deposit your baggage with our baggage disputes service.

Despite all our efforts on a daily basis, to provide you with the best possible service, a delay in the delivery of your checked in baggage may exceptionally occur. To avoid any sort of disappointment, please don’t forget to keep essential items such as keys or medicines with you or in your cabin baggage.

Goods prohibited on board
For health and safety reasons, a certain number of goods are absolutely forbidden on board, whether in the cabin or in the hold luggage. Certainly, you are responsible if you transport one or more of these hazardous materials, which are not declared during the check-in.
•    Explosives: fireworks, sparklers, rockets, firecrackers, explosives, etc.
•    Compressed, flammable or non-flammable gases: tear gas, stoves with refills or butane bottles, gas cartridges, aerosols in large quantities, freon, helium, etc.
•    Flammable liquids: petroleum stoves and refills, paints and thinners, varnishes, automotive lacquers, fuels, motor vehicles whose fuel tank is not completely drained (mopeds, motorcycles, karts, mowers, chainsaws, generators) , etc.
•    Flammable solids: such as embers, barbecue lighter.
•    Toxic products: toxic or anesthetic products, pesticides, insecticides, infectious substances or microbial cultures, etc..
•    Organic peroxides and oxidants: products for common household use such as hydrogen peroxide, washing powder, detergents, chemicals, liquid or powder fertilizers (chlorate or nitrate), weedkillers, etc..
•    Radioactive materials: materials, products, instruments or devices which contain radioactive material, even if they are deemed to be exempt from regulation.
•    Any corrosive product such as batteries, electrolytes, barometers and mercury thermometers, acids, bleach, etc..
•    Dangerous goods (various): in UN classification 9, there is carbo-ice, and yet we transport it. On the other hand, the passenger must inform the company, and not surpass the 2kg5 maximum per passenger, packaging which allows the release of carbon dioxide.
•    Transporting hoverboards, skateboards, scooters and other gyro pods and electric unicycles.

In case of doubt about the possibility of transporting certain goods, we encourage you to contact our Customer Service which is open 7 days a week from 07:00 to 23:00 (Paris time) at the following number from France or the DROMs: 

If you are abroad, please dial:

Please dial 3917 to contact Customer Service
Tariff from a landline

If you are abroad, please dial:

Please dial +33 1 70 39 22 10 to contact Customer Service
Service free of charge from a landline