Formalities relating to minors

It is possible for a child over 4 years of age or 5 years to/from Canada to be allowed to take a flight alone.Corsair provides specific accompaniment services for unaccompanied children (UM), from check-in to the arrival at the destination, where the child will be entrusted to the person responsible for collecting him. The booking for an unaccompanied child must be made by telephone to our Customer Service.

  • The persons that are responsible for the minor must ensure that the child meets the formal requirements for both exiting the country of origin and for entering the country of destination;
  • As of 26 June 2012, new EU regulations require that all passengers, be they adult or children, travel with an individual identity document when leaving the European Union. This document can be a passport or an identity card, depending on the destination. It is no longer possible to have a child included on the passport of a parent;
  • A family record book (“livret de famille”) is not an identity document. It does not enable a child to board an aircraft;
  • On 08 October 2015, the French National Assembly reinstated the obligation for minors travelling without their father, their mother or their legal guardian to have an authorization to exit the country. Some destination countries may impose additional specific conditions, such as the need for a visa. It is advisable to prepare for your travels in advance by checking the documents requested on the dedicated area of the Foreign Ministry's website, under the heading "Travel advisory".

For each age category, there are different requirements

For a relaxed and safe trip, Corsair procedures are divided in accordance with the different age categories:

Mandatory UM

A  child under 4 years of age or 5 years of age to/from Canada is not allowed to travel alone. He must be accompanied by an adult.
Any child aged from 4 to 11 years of age and travelling alone is deemed to be an unaccompanied child by the airline: he must travel as a UM – an Unaccompanied Minor.

Please note

Unaccompanied children aged under 5 are not allowed on the flights to or from Canada. 

Parents travelling on the same flight

Please note

Children whose parents or responsible adults are travelling on the same flight but in a different cabin, cannot be considered mandatory UM.
If this scenario occurs, the children and the attendants (parents or responsible adults) must be placed in the same cabin.

Optional UM

These are persons aged from 12 to 17 years (thus legally regarded as minors in most countries, including France), for whom the parents want the same support as that provided for a mandatory UM.

To date, the optional UM can only be accepted on flights operated by Corsair.

Booking fee applicable to a UM

  • € 50 per trip for a mandatory UM;
  • € 75 per trip and per person for an optional UM.

Please note

Promotional rates are not available to a UM.


Booking a ticket for an unaccompanied minor

You cannot book tickets for unaccompanied children on any Corsair website. 

You will have to make the reservation at your point of sale or to our Customer Service at the numbers indicated at the bottom of the page.

Upon check-in

The person accompanying the child to the check-in must complete a liability waiver in which he indicates his name, address, telephone number and the contact information of the person that will collect the passenger upon arrival.
The same procedure will apply for the return flight. 
The accompanying person must remain in the airport until the aircraft takes off.

Upon boarding

A Corsair agent will be responsible for getting your child through the customs, police and security formalities. He will then be given priority boarding onto the airplane and entrusted to the main head steward for the duration of the flight.

On board

Our cabin crew will pay particular attention to the unaccompanied child, ensuring that its flight is pleasantly memorable. 

The welcome and reception that your child is afforded follows a set reassuring format that is conscientiously applied:

  • Your child is led to his seat by our cabin crew. For safety reasons, it will be placed in a row that includes at least one adult;
  • A cardboard flag is placed above his seat to enable our crew to quickly identify him;
  • A few minutes after takeoff, a hot meal is served to the child first. Offered upon departure from all our stops, the dish is suitable for children’s tastes and comes with a cereal bar, dried fruit, a dairy product and mineral water;
  • To keep the child distracted throughout the trip, our crew provides him with an age-appropriate games kit. He might also find children’s media titles on board covering the main points of interest for children aged from 4 or 5 to 11 years, as well as an airline magazine for children, Le Petit Corsair. Cartoons will enable it to pass the time more pleasantly. During school holidays, it will also be able to enjoy feature-length cartoons and animations.

Our flight attendants will accompany your child to the bathroom door at its request and remain at its disposal to reassure it during the trip.


As an unaccompanied child, the young passenger can transport a dog or cat with it in the cabin, provided that the animal is in a closed bag. The animal must always remain in its bag during the entire flight.
Click here to find out more about travelling with an animal

Upon disembarking

At the end of the disembarking, the head steward will entrust your child to one of our stopover agents.
The latter will take responsibility for getting him through the customs and immigration formalities, and will accompany him right to the person in charge of collecting him upon arrival.

Our agents will only be able to entrust your child to that person if he is indeed the one whose contact details have been given on the waiver completed at the time of departure.
Otherwise, Corsair will notify you at the telephone number on the liability waiver and your child will be returned on the next flight to his place of origin.
The return ticket and expenses resulting from the minding of the child between his arrival and his return journey (hotel, meals, transport, etc.) will then be the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians.

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