Terms & Conditions

Unaccompanied luggage must be dropped off several hours before your departure or the previous day in the cargo area, unless picked up directly from your home.

A transport file will then be drawn up by our agents, including a number of important documents :

  • The AirWay bill (AWB number in the format "923 - xxxx xxxx") : The front is your transport contract with the airline company (see conditions on the reverse). You will need to produce this number upon arrival in order to collect your goods;
  • The declaration of value, which must be signed by you, or an invoice for new goods.

Our agent will inform you of the predicted forwarding time, subject to availability.

Please note

Any given time is indicated as a guide only. Under aviation security regulations, the shipment may be delayed (for example if the package shows opaque areas during the X-ray scan). We therefore advise you to check the destination cargo service that they have received your shipment correctly before you travel.
Upon arrival, your cargo will be stored until it is picked up or delivered. Watch out for warehousing costs in certain destinations, in particular if you are not collecting your shipment within 2 or 3 days of its arrival !

Worth knowing

Packaging and protection

Packages are handled several times during transport, so it is very important to ensure that each of your shipments includes sufficiently strong and sturdy packaging to avoid any damage..

If your shipment requires special packaging, please feel free to contact our agents for advice. please find the contacts below.

Your contents declaration enables the airline to identify sensitive packages, and take the necessary precautions with them. So think about making an exhaustive list of your products so that the temperature or handling precautions are taken (fruits and vegetables, fish, glass bottles, etc.)
Due to the need for customs checks, our agents must be able to access the contents of your shipment (if locked, you should provide a duplicate set of keys).


You can also take out ad valorem insurance for the cargo carriage of your unaccompanied luggage (invoice required). For shipments with a high market value, specific conditions of carriage apply - please inquire beforehand (example: works of art, etc.).

Concealed hazardous materials

Since airline regulations are complex and extremely strict, please feel free to ask us any questions concerning acceptance criteria (quantity limitations/required documents/packaging, etc). for hazardous goods such as aerosols, perfumes, strong alcoholic drinks, corrosive or inflammable liquids, batteries, fireworks, refills for lighters, camping stove cylinders, gas cylinders, etc).

Cargo Service

The Corsair fleet is available to carry merchandise of all kinds throughout its network. Thanks to the capacity of our cargo holds and the professionalism of our teams, our airline is a preferred partner.
With the cargo service, you can send any type of goods, regardless of weight, around the world.
Corsair will take care of all of your shipments quickly, safely and for a fair price.

Cargo contact

Rate information

The contacts provided above concern the transport of personal items and are intended for private customers.

For all freight or forwarding inquiries, please contact our cargo staff at the following address:corsair@ecsgroup.aero

Depending on the destination, our agents may offer you two packages

  • Consolidated cargo: This is the most common and convenient package. The package covers all fees upon arrival. Our agent will also handle all customs procedures. Please note that perishable goods may not be included in consolidated cargo;
  • AWB individual registration : This package is appropriate for shipping perishables, as it is quicker. However, it is also more expensive and restrictive, because upon arrival you must arrange for your cargo to be released from the warehouse and be cleared through customs.

Important rate information

  • The unaccompanied luggage system provides a per kilo rate that is lower than for excess luggage weight rates. However, it is advantageous only if you are well above the excess luggage limit (> 10 to 20 kilos) because of the minimum fixed rates applied to such shipments;
  • The rate provided will apply to the taxable weight of your shipments, so the volume of your goods will be taken into account;
  • Most of our agents will offer an "all-inclusive" rate up to a certain weight. To avoid any inconvenience, please be sure to confirm whether the rate chosen includes related charges (such as customs fees, transit agent fees for clearing customs and home delivery charges);
  • Note regarding customs: depending on the country of origin, the country of destination may impose fees and charges on your duty-free purchases.

Note regarding alcohol from French Overseas Departments (including rum)

As of 01/11/2009, the freight allowance is three 70 cl bottles or 2 liters of rum. If you exceed this quantity, you must pay customs fees when you arrive in Metropolitan France.

Carriage of live animals

Thanks to the Cargo department’s custom shipping services, we can now provide optimum carriage conditions for your pets. However, live animal carriage is subject to many regulations, which must be meticulously observed.

Kennels and cages for dogs and cats

The animal cage must meet IATA security requirements. It must be of solid construction, have a waterproof floor (including a required absorbent mat), close securely and provide for proper air circulation, etc.
Pets should be transported in a container with a plastic shell, without wheels and with a thick metal mesh door.
The container’s dimensions should be appropriate to the animal's size and it should be large enough for the animal to sit and turn around.
The container should also include enough drinking water for the entire trip. We do not recommend providing food as the animal could vomit.

Required documents

  • Signed declaration by the sender, as an obligatory discharge;
  • AWB specifying an emergency telephone number, and the kind and number of animals carried;
  • CITES documents for all species belonging to subdivisions I, II or III (protected or endangered species);
  • Invoices (for breeder-to-breeder shipments that are subject to customs duties);
  • Health certificates and serological tests (including rabies for dogs and cats, Newcastle for chickens and parrots, myxomatosis for rabbits, etc.);
  • Other: permits required by the national authorities, information regarding sedatives or tranquilizers administered to the animal.

Important information

In general, puppies and kittens under four months, or that have not been weaned, should not be carried.
A dog or cat whose rabies vaccine is not in order cannot be accepted for transport. (Incubation : 1 month)
Corsair aircraft will not carry poisonous animals or insects, or animals with diseases that may be transmitted to humans.

Carriage of coffins

Coffins may be carried via cargo.

All mortal remains must be accompanied by a special certificate declaring that the requisite conditions have been met. This document must have been printed and signed by the undertaking company.
A second authorization form is issued by the security services at the airport.
For further information, please contact our cargo department.

In the event of dispute

Our teams are here to help if you are not fully satisfied with Corsair's service.
Please remember the following if you are submitting a claim:

  • If there is any doubt regarding the condition of your shipments, a record of damages must be drawn up in the presence of a Corsair agent before the goods leave the warehouse;
  • Appropriate concerns must be clearly noted (for example, the number or weight of damaged or missing packages/precise description and monetary estimate of the value of the dispute). No claims will be considered after the fact;
  • A complaint letter must be sent to the Corsair agent within two weeks of the issuance of the AirWay bill (AWB).


You must deal with the Corsair agent at your destination (airport at which the shipments arrived). Please find the contacts above
Disputes are handled in accordance with the Montreal Convention, which sets the airline liability limits.

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