How to check-in online?


Online check-in is an optional and free service. It is not compulsory. It is possible to check in via a computer, which allows you to receive a file which gives the on-board access card and it needs to be printed on paper. Checking in with the mobile phone also allows you to get the on-board access card via the phone screen....
from 72 hours and up to 2 hours before your flight’s departure.  

Online check-in must be done for each flight. If you check in online for your outbound flight, you will not be automatically checked in for your return flight.
72 hours before your return date, you can also check in online if you want.  

Important :
Check-in is open 72 hours before departure: this means opening in hours and not in days. For example, if your flight is scheduled in 3 days with a take-off at 9:20 p.m., you will not be able to check in online at 9:15 p.m, 3 days before. You will have to wait for the 9:20 p.m. to check in online.

Steps to follow 
1.    Identification: enter your name (this is the name of the traveler or of one of the travelers if there are several of you in the same reservation file) and your reservation number (made up of 6 alpha-numeric, which excludes the number 0. Only the letter O exists when the file number contains this letter).
2.    Choice of passengers: select the passenger(s) concerned.
3.    Choice of seat: A free seat is assigned automatically. If you wish to change it, it is charged.  
4.    You can validate the suggested seat or modify it by clicking on "Modify seats".
5.    Choose how you shall receive your boarding pass: print or receive by email.
We invite you to register online: by clicking here 

You cannot print your boarding pass?

Have you filled in your identity documents (passport number, National Identity Card or any other compulsory document and requested during the police filter identity check)?
Without this information, printing your boarding pass will not be possible.

If, despite this, printing is not available, go directly to our check-in counters located at the airport.

Please note :  
there are certain restrictions related to specificities regarding the use of this service, namely:
•    Children not accompanied by an adult (UMs. They will be grouped together in the same area on board.)
•    Adults traveling with an infant (specific seats assigned by our station staff on the day of departure) 
•    *People with reduced mobility, temporarily or permanently.
•    Passengers travelling by Air Antilles. 

* A specific seat for an adult and a baby is a secure seat for the 2 passengers. The regulations assert a certain number of seats on board which are equipped with a double oxygen mask (1 for adults and 1 for babies).
These seats are blocked upon reservation, and therefore cannot be assigned to passengers without babies before check-in at the airport. They are first assigned as a priority to adults traveling with an infant by our stopover staff exclusively, following which these are made available to other passengers only if there are no more parents with infants who require such seats. This is the reason why when you travel with a baby, we block your access to the choice of seat before departure, in order to make sure you will travel on a specific seat ensuring adult/baby safety.