Is there a youth fare ?


Corsair offer youth fares.
Youth fares are valid in ECONOMY class. They offer a more generous baggage allowance in hold than adult fare on certain destinations with a ticket validity of 1 year. Youth fares can be modified or are refundable (with ou without penalty). 
They are more expensive than Economy Basic fare but they are more flexible.

Conditions to benefit from a youth fare : must be aged from 12 to 24 included at time of travel.

Baggage allowance in hold of 2 x 23 kg applicable between :

  • Paris and Fort-de-France
  • Paris and Pointe-à-Pitre
  • Paris and Abidjan
  • And from Mauritius island to Paris only.

For other destinations : baggage allowance in hold of 1 x 23 kg .

To book a youth fare ticket, please select "youth" in the passenger type when choosing a destination and selecting travel dates.