Hold luggage policy


What allowances are allowed in the hold?

    Authorised allowance

    The number of bags varies depending on your class of travel or Corsair Club membership. Discover all this information by clicking below:


    Specific allowance

    Are you young, a student or travelling with an animal? See below for our special baggage policy:



    How to prepare your hold luggage?

      Dangerous goods 

      The customer is fully responsible in the event of a problem on board following the carriage of dangerous goods not declared at check-in in the baggage carried in his name. Discover the list of dangerous goods by clicking below: 

      Dangerous and hidden goods

      Prohibited goods

      For health and safety reasons, a number of goods are absolutely prohibited on board, whether in the cabin or the hold. You will of course be held liable if you carry one or more of these dangerous goods without having declared them at check-in. Discover the list of prohibited items by clicking here:


      Valuable/fragile items and drones

      We remind you that your baggage must be locked and labelled inside and outside with your name, first name and permanent address. Discover the list of valuables for which Corsair is not liable and the regulations regarding drones by clicking here: 

      Valuable/fragile items and drones

      Oversized luggage

      If your checked baggage exceeds the legal dimensions (total height + width + length greater than 158 cm), you will be charged an additional fee. This surcharge applies to all types of checked baggage: those included in the free baggage allowance, those purchased through the Corsair Club loyalty programme and those purchased as additional baggage. It only applies to flights operated by Corsair. Click here for more information:

      oversized luggage

      Sports equipment

      Are you travelling with sports equipment (windsurf, golf bag, fishing rod...)? The conditions for the transport of sports equipment apply exclusively to flights operated by Corsair. Discover the conditions for the transport of sports equipment here: 

      sports equipment

      Musical instruments

      The conditions for transporting a musical instrument apply only to flights operated by Corsair. Discover the conditions for transporting a musical instrument: 


      Other types of baggage

      Discover the conditions of carriage for other types of baggage (respiratory equipment, sharps, coffins) below:


      Plants and perishable food

      Are you planning to travel with plants and/or perishable goods? Discover our policy on their transport here: 


      Plastic filming

      Departing from Paris - Orly 4

      Corsair no longer accepts unpacked hold baggage at check-in, with the exception of the authorised service provider EXCESS BAGGAGE, whose film is orange. 
      If you would like to know more about packing your baggage, please visit our dedicated page: 

      plastic filming

      In case of dispute

      Our teams are here to help you if you are not completely satisfied with the service provided by Corsair. 
      For all your claims, it is important to keep the following rules in mind: 

      • If there is any doubt as to the status of your shipments, a damage report must be made at the destination in the presence of the Corsair representative before the goods leave the warehouse;
      • Adequate reserves must be clearly indicated (number and weight of damaged or missing parcels / precise description and quantified estimate of the dispute, etc.). No a posteriori claim can be taken into account;
      • A letter of reservation must be sent to the Corsair representative within 15 days of the date of the Air Waybill (AWB).


      All your procedures must be carried out with the Corsair correspondent at the destination (airport of arrival of the shipments). 

      For further information, please contact our freight department.

      Disputes will be handled in accordance with the Montreal Convention, which sets limits on airline liability.


      The conditions for the carriage of special baggage apply only to flights operated by CORSAIR. For flights operated by other companies, please contact them to find out their conditions.

      Contact us

      Our agents are available 7 days a week from France, the French West Indies and Africa. 

      From France and the French West Indies

      Please dial 3917 to contact our Customer Service


      From the Indian Ocean and Africa

      Please dial +33 1 70 39 22 10 to contact our Customer Service

      To consult our customer service opening hours by geographical area, click here : 

      Opening hours

      contact us

      Do you have other questions?

      If you have any other questions about your luggage, we invite you to consult our FAQ, you will find all the answers.

      However, if you still need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.